About Us


DCT Associates has conducted focus groups for top-tier organizations in the media, communications, utility telecommunications and cutting-edge technology arenas. The insight gained from decision-makers and technologists has proven to invaluable to our clients. Our legwork in leading up to the focus groups ensure you’ll have a smooth, illuminating focus group event that also fosters invaluable relationships.

Data Analysis

DCT Associates, its founder, and its principal advisors have conducted hundreds of surveys across a host of technology sectors and are well-known among our clients for our cogent analysis of the data that reveal unique insights. We are also skilled in the analysis of large datasets from government and industry sources and specialize in statistical techniques to reliably interpret data from relatively small datasets.

Editorial Services

DCT Associates and its founder have launched dozens of specialized and online publications in the technology arena. Backed  by experience in launching high-end technology investment newsletters, an early blogging-era site focusing on the intersection of technology and policy, a premium publication devoted to the broadband businesses (sold to a major legal and business publisher and now owned by Bloomberg), and now a cybersecurity news destination, DCT Associates can help with the launch of a host of information products.

Cynthia Brumfield is the author of regular columns at CSO Online and has spearheaded an innovative infosecurity news destination, Metacurity. Sign up for our free email list today.

Founder and President

DCT Associates is run by veteran technology, communications sector and cybersecurity industry analyst Cynthia Brumfield. She conducts research and publishes material almost exclusively in the cybersecurity arena these days. Her news destination, Metacurity, uses an algorithmic process to sift through thousands of publications to deliver concise original summaries of the most important – and most-talked about – cybersecurity developments of the day. Metacurity’s premium subscribers gain access to original content on cutting-edge topics.

Cynthia also writes for a number of online publications, including regular columns in CSO Online, for which she has won several AZBEE Awards for Excellence in Writing from the American Society of Business Publishers and Editors, including a Silver Award for Government Coverage. She is the primary author of the the comprehensive textbook on Cybersecurity Risk Management which will be published by John Wiley & Sons in mid-2021.

Among her consulting efforts have been running decision-maker focus groups for enterprise clients, developing scripts and other materials for government clients, and writing cybersecurity multimedia training and certificate courses for television broadcasters.

Cynthia has extensive experience in a wide range of communications, media, technology, and more recently, cybersecurity, businesses. Backed by top-level experience at a major U.S. communications trade association, premier investment analysis firm, her own successful publication and web-based businesses, and a trade group focused on the intersection of technology and the energy industry, she is capable of leading a variety of research, analysis, consulting and publishing initiatives.

She has served as Director of Research at The Media Institute, Vice President of Research and Policy Analysis at the National Cable Telecommunications Association, Senior Analyst at Paul Kagan Associates (now SNL Kagan), President of her own firm Emerging Media Dynamics, and Director of Research at the Utilities Telecom Council. Widely recognized for the high caliber of her research design, writing, event development, and speaking skills, Ms. Brumfield has appeared on panels at numerous conferences on topics ranging from broadband deployment to industrial cybersecurity.