China’s exclusion from US 5G market likely to continue…

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Telecom insiders discuss supply chain security and call for better communication, collaboration, and transparency from the federal government about threats within their industry.

As China’s Huawei faces ongoing banishment and retrenchment in Europe, the question arises whether Huawei and its peers, including telecom gear maker ZTE, will get a reprieve under the incoming Biden administration. Huawei clearly thinks it has a shot of improving its relationship with its European customers in the post-Trump era: Huawei Vice President Victor Zhang has been lobbying UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson to revisit the ban against using his company’s technology in Britain’s 5G network build-out.

Huawei landed in its current predicament due to the Trump regime’s fears that the company works with the Beijing government to implant malware in its equipment. It might not fare better under a Biden administration.

China’s likely continued exclusion from US markets even under a Biden administration was a top topic at a webinar on supply chain security hosted by US Telecom and Inside Cybersecurity. “The cybersecurity policies overall between the Obama Administration and to Trump and now to president-elect Biden should be relatively consistent,” Norma Krayem, vice president and chair of the Cybersecurity, Privacy and Digital Innovation Practice at Van Scoyoc Associates, said. “I think that’s important for the private sector to see that there is that theme.”

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Photo by Kamil Kot on Unsplash