Cybersecurity for Broadcasters

Unique Cybersecurity Resources for Broadcasters

DCT Associates has been working extensively in the field of cybersecurity for broadcasters since 2015, having produced a series of critical resources that technical and non-technical professionals can rely on to guide them through the complex digital security arena.

Foundational Reports

  • Essential Guide to Broadcast Security, the first essential guide to cybersecurity for broadcasters for the National Association of Broadcasters (NAB). Find out more.
  • 35 Critical Cybersecurity Activities That Broadcasters Should Know, a concise walk-through of the most important cybersecurity activities broadcasters should now. Find out more.

Online Awareness and Certificate Courses

Starting in 2016, we began work with NAB to develop a series of innovative e-learning courses to equip the industry with security awareness, executive guidance and technical certificate courses specifically geared to broadcaster needs.

  • Cyber Awareness for Broadcasters, tailored to the needs of the broadcasting professional, Cyber Awareness for Broadcasters provides each staff member with a level of awareness as well as tools to help keep their organization safe. Find out more.
  • Broadcast Executive Guide to Cybersecurity, lays the foundation for better executive management of cybersecurity issues providing strategic and top-level insight into key principles that executives should know to manage this increasingly complex area. Find out more.
  • Broadcast Cybersecurity Risk Planning and Management, targeted at those working in the engineering and IT roles, learners examine how to develop plans for dealing with risks to their information and broadcast systems. This course focuses on four aspects of cyber risk planning and management – Asset management, Governance, Risk Assessment and Management, and Supply Chain Risk Management- and the key tasks associated with each. Find out more.
  • User and Network Infrastructure Planning and Management for Broadcasters, intended for those in engineering and IT roles, this course focuses on building safeguards and security controls into your organization’s networks and assets. This course examines six key aspects of infrastructure planning and management – identity management and access control, awareness and training, data security, information protection processes and procedures, maintenance, and protective technology. Find out more.
  • Tools and Techniques for Detecting a Cyberattack, this course introduces learners to key concepts for detecting cyberattacks, including the importance of anomalies in the functioning of your systems and devices and how to detect them, establishing monitoring systems that spot anomalies and events on an automated basis, and developing effective approaches to establish organizational processes to detect anomalies and events. Find out more.
  • Developing a Continuity of Operations Plan, Focused on those in the engineering and IT roles, this course will provide the learner with fundamental concepts and practical steps to respond to and recover from a cybersecurity incident. Find out more.

Essential and Practical Companion Guides

DCT Associates is developing companion guides to accompany each course, crisply written and useful documents that we hope can serve as ongoing reference classics for both technical and non-technical personnel. The first two of these guides are available on our cybersecurity news site,, and we expect to release the remaining guides shortly. Find out more.

Onsite Presentations

DCT Associates President Cynthia Brumfield, along with a top broadcasting expert and a leading cybersecurity expert, is gearing up to offer on-site presentations to help broadcasters better understand the steps outlined in the NAB courses. For more information on how we can help your organization, please contact us at

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