Why local governments are a hot target for cyberattacks

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Recent ransomware and other attacks underscore the value attackers see in the data stored in city and regional government systems. Here’s why they are vulnerable and what they can do to reduce the threat.

Despite what appears to be a recent spurt in municipal ransomware attacks, these infections are nothing new to the nation’s cities. The most high-profile municipal ransomware attack took place over a year ago in March 2018 when the city of Atlanta was crippled by SamSam ransomware. According to Wired magazine, the city of Atlanta ended up spending $2.6 million to respond to that attack, roughly 52 times the amount of the $50,000 or so in ransom demanded by the attackers.

Still, the recent spate of attacks raises the question: Are municipal ransomware infections on the rise? According to some municipal cybersecurity experts, cities have long grappling with malware and ransomware attacks at the same rate as private sector organizations, but are just now becoming more public about it.

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