Spyware was used against Catalan targets and UK prime…

Researchers at the Citizen Lab says dozens of officials’ phones were compromised by spyware sold by NSO Group or Candiru.

Researchers at The Citizen Lab at the University of Toronto revealed two significant findings that further highlight the widespread use of Israeli mercenary spyware apps. First, the group released fresh rounds of forensic results that uncovered Catalans’ phones targeted in Spain. Secondly, they discovered that spyware infiltrated the Prime Minister and Foreign and Commonwealth offices in the UK.

These revelations also appeared in conjunction with a lengthy investigation by journalist Ronan Farrow appearing in the New Yorker. Farrow’s research offers new details into the rise of the spyware industry, the troubles facing the spyware purveyors, the efforts by tech companies to circumscribe the highly sophisticated malware, and the Biden administration’s planned actions regarding this trend.

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