U.S. Rep Lieu hopeful for election security bill prospects

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Congressman sees Republican softening on gun legislation as a sign they might be willing to consider election security. Calls on the security community to expose election system weaknesses.

U.S. Representative Ted Lieu (D-CA) thinks that Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell’s weakening opposition to gun legislation bodes well for the prospects of passing an election security bill. Several election security measures have stalled in Congress since the 2016 presidential election because McConnell has refused to take them up on the Senate side.

“I know that public sentiment has shifted on the gun issue so that Mitch McConnell is now willing to consider background checks on guns and red flag laws,” Lieu tells CSO Online. “That wasn’t something he had been saying a few weeks ago. So, you never know when something can happen that will shift public sentiment in such a way that will force him to take up a vote for election security.”

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